Most frequent questions and answers

Alice and Bob want to swap NFTs with each other. Alice selects the NFTs in her wallet she wants to swap. She enters Bob’s wallet address and proposes the swap. Bob sees the content of Alice’s NFTs and adds his own NFTs. He initiates the swap. Alice sees now the swap content and she can either reject or accept the swap, but she can’t change anything anymore.

No. One party proposes the swap to the other. The counterpart then just goes to open swaps on DreamSwap and continues the process.

Your NFTs will be transferred into the escrow contract for the duration of the swap. They’ll be kept safe there until the swap is completed. Neither we nor others have access to them. You can cancel the swap and get them back as long as they are in escrow. A cancellation will transfer your NFTs back into your wallet.

We need to be able to transfer tokens on your behalf into the DreamSwap escrow to execute the swap. Our smart contract can’t change your token’s behavior or do something else with the token. You can always revoke the approval through services such as etherscan or revoke. Cash. We actually recommend that for all your NFTs. Disconnecting your wallet from a website is not enough. Stay safe.

No. You choose yours. Your counterpart chooses theirs. This way you are always in charge of your NFTs.

We are fetching the information if an NFT is legit from OpenSea. Each contract is vetted individually and the verification batch is added based on the information we receive. We encourage you to double check the NFTs yourself on i.e. opensea.io.

We are supporting ERC-721, ERC-1155 and Ether to top up the swap. We are exploring options to add more tokens on a later stage. Feel free to reach out to share tokens you would like to add to a swap.

We are supporting MetaMask and most mobile wallets via WalletConnect for now.

No. You have to pay a gas fee for the swap but that’s for the miners, not for us.